Wednesday, July 17, 2013


  Hello Dolls,

  So, I've been in a skirt type of mood all week. I decided to pair this black cotton dress with a red top, which is actually a dress. I love body con dresses because they can be worn as shirts. Versatily is so vital when purchasing items (as I mentioned previously) but I can seriously throw a pants or a skirt over this dress! This look was worn to the office and meetings, I loved this look because it was professional, sophisticated with a splash of sexiness! I hope you dolls enjoy! 

Your favorite stylist and makeup artist of Arizona, Janae' JaQuel

Top- Ross/Skirt-Macy's/Shoes- Steve Madden/Purse- Forever21


Business Attire

Hello dolls,

I am here to show you my outfit details from yesterday's business attire. I purchased this cute skirt from Forever21 a couple of months ago for about $15.00! I absolutely love this skirt because you can wear it to so many different occasions! It's very versatile and comfortable. With the skirt I paired it with a peplum top, blue pumps and silver accessories. 

I hope you dolls enjoy, from your favorite stylist and makeup artist of Arizona -Janae' JaQuel

Skirt- Forever21/Top- Pitayah Boutique/Shoes - Forever21

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Double Trouble

 Hello Dolls,

Today I decided to wear something simple, chic and comfortable. I loved this look, it is perfect for the summer. You can never go wrong with a floppy hat, it is one of the best accessories to complete your summer look. I paired my floppy hat with a printed sleeveless collard top, black pants, and my taupe  pointed heels. I did a post a while back on my pointed heels, but I just wanted to tell you all again this was seriously the best $4.00 I spent in my life, these shoes are so well made and comfortable. Ladies do not underestimate your local thrieft stores, if you are patient enough you will most likely find some great pieces.

I hope you dolls enjoyed this post and as always email me with feedback, questions or bookings  contact me via email 

Your favorite stylist and makeup artist Janae' JaQuel

Top- Forever21/Pants- Love Culture/Shoes- Thriefted/Bag-Ross


Tuesday, July 9, 2013


Hello Dolls,

   I am here to show you all my outfit details of yesterday. I decided to pair and H&M graphic body con dress with my blue blazer, strapped scandal heels, with a cheetah print bag and gold accessories. I absolutely loved this look because it was so fun, girly but yet comfortable. Comfort is so important to me because after I am in the office for 8 hours, I am usually booked in meetings or appointments. Therefore I am running around like a mad woman so being comfortable is beyond important to me. If you are like myself, be aware that there is a such thing as being comfortably fabulous.
   I hope you dolls enjoy and as always if you have any questions, concerns or need an appointment contact me via email 

-Your favorite stylist and makeup artist of Arizona Janae' JaQuel 

Dress- H&M/Blazer- Love Culture/ Bag-H&M Heels- Forever21 


Sunday, July 7, 2013

Envy By Khanh

Hello Dolls,

    So as you all know I started blogging almost a year ago and I never expected to be where I am today. It all started with my vision of becoming a fashion blogger and just seeing what doors would open! I never had any specific direction as far as where I wanted to go. Although I did study Fashion Merchandise, I still didn't know what I wanted to do exactly. After blogging for a few months I begin to get inquiries about styling people, and I fell in love. I love helping individuals feel at ease, building and boosting their confidence with their personal style. I was awed when people were interested in little ol' me helping them look their best.
   With styling I met some great people, not only my amazing clients but also people in the industry. With that, I begin getting bookings for styling jobs at photo-shoots and fashion shows and I would always, always get thrown into doing makeup. I had no makeup kit, I would simply use my own personal kit and people loved my work. I wasn't confident whatsoever but after practicing and building my kit I started getting bookings like crazy. I mean I was getting all sorts of bookings from photo-shoots, weddings, make-overs, editorial work and so much more. It was crazy, I had no clue I would be where I am, but I am beyond thankful and I absolutely love being a wardrobe stylist/makeup artist. I am truly excited to see where this journey takes me.
     I recently partnered with the amazing Rochelle York, a stylist here based out of Arizona and Jolen Elder of Lemon Heart Photography. We did a photo-shoot for a local designer, Envy by Khanh. The shoot was based out of Arizona. York decided to use real-life women to model "His looks are typically seen on the runway, so I thought it would be fun to shoot his looks on "real women" Says York. It was an amazing experience, and the models did such a great job for their first time! Take a look below and I hope you dolls enjoy.

-Your favorite makeup artist and stylist of Arizona, Janae JaQuel

                                                   BEHIND THE SCENES

Rochelle York and I


It's so amazing watching real women transform, Kelly had no clue what she was capable of, but as soon as she warmed up  she killed the shoot. I absolutely love transforming real women.

Genevieve did such an amazing job, she also was very camera shy but as soon as she found her comfort level she ran the photo-shoot and she did such a beautiful job.



Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Printed Body Con

Hello Dolls,

I must tell you all how much I love this printed body con dress from Top Shop. This Top Shop dress was thriefted, which was extremely suprising because I seen this piece online not to long ago. I purchased this dress for thirty dollars and in stores it is fifty-eight dollars. I paired this amazing piece with gold accessories and my blue pumps with my Chanel inspired bag. This outfit can worn in so many different settings, I wore this dress to the office, to run errands and to a meeting I had tonight. It is such a comfortable dress and I am so happy I found this amazing statement dress.

I hope you dolls enjoy, from your favorite stylist and makeup artist of Arizona - JanaejaQuel

Dress- Top Shop/Shoes- Aldo/Bag- Forever21


Hello Dolls,

  I am here to show you dolls my personal style of the day. In today's post I am wearing a simple chic outfit that can be worn to lunch, dinner or even a night on the town. I loved this outfit because it was so comfortable, easy but yet such a statement. I paired my "City Girl" cropped T-Shirt with Black Skinny Jeans, a pair of pointed strapped heels with my Cheetah Print Cross bag and gold accessories. This adorable cross print bag is available for purchase at you can also can follow the boutique on Instagram
  I am all about being fashionably chic on a budget, I love designer clothes but I also love saving money. I spent less than one-hundred dollars on this entire look, I am a huge believer in achieving great looks for an even greater price. I hope you all enjoyed this post, from your favorite stylist and makeup artist of Arizona -JanaejaQuel 

Pants: Love Culture/Shoes: Forever21/Top: Forever21/Purse: 16 Styles Boutique